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Kidsafe Tracker Airtime Increase

Increased airtime for your KidSafe Tracker device.

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This package will increase your tracker airtime by approximately the below values. Works in 70 Countries.

16 outgoing queries on the location to the 372(EU) number. This is when you send a text to the device and it responds with its location.
12 outgoing queries using the US number
16 SOS messages from the device (this is when the locator owner initiates a distress signal and it sends the location text to the remote phone)
Unlimited Call and listen in through the device to the 372 (EU) number or Aprox. 16 minutes of call and listen in through the device to the US number
(or any combination of the above)

** We are not a cellular provider and therefore rely on cooperation with our chosen partners for the rates offered. This is to say that there is the possibility that rates could increase or decrease outside of our control. It is worth noting that we have worked with this company for over two years in developing our program and during that time the rates have remained very stable.


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